Terms and condition



  1. These terms and conditions regulate occupancy in Osada Załuż.  Following them ensures order and safety of our guests and their belongings.
  2. The terms and conditions must be followed by all people staying in Osada Załuż.
  3. Check-in time is 2.00 pm and check-outtime is 10.00 am the following day. Exceeding the limits will result in extra daily chargesand may also result in terminating occupancy.
  4. To book in your ID will be required. Our receptionist may ask you to show an additional proof ofidentification if any doubts occur.
  5. If you wish to prolong your stay you need to notify the receptionist by 9.30 on the last day of your stay. However the receptionist may decline your request if there are no vacancies.
  6. Phone or online (or e-mail ) booking must be confirmed by paying an advance ( 20 % of overall cost ). If no advance is received within 3 days, your booking will be cancelled.
  7. Paying an advance means that the renter accepts the terms and conditions of Osada Załuż.
  8. Osada Załuż may require a security deposit for a rented cottage. All deposits will be returned after final inspection of the cottage and other facilities in Osada Załuż as long as there is no damage. Maximum security deposit is 500 zlotys.
  9. The final balance due must be paid on the day of the arrival (advances paid will be accounted for).
  10. Keys will be issued at check-in. You need to inform the receptionist about the number of people that will be staying in a given cottage for the duration of occupancy.
  11. If renter leaves earlier than planned for reasons not related to Osada Załuż, no refunds will be given.
  12. In the event of a cancellation of a confirmed reservation, the advance will not be returned.
  13. The quiet zone is from 10.00 PM to 6.00 AM.
  14. Bed linens change takes place after each check-out. In case of longer stays bed linens are changed once a week or on request but up to once every 2 days. We change bed linens in the absence of renters or in their presence on request.
  15. Renter is not permitted to let other parties use the cottage even if the cottage is still paid for.
  16. Only renters are allowed to stay within Osada Załuż during the quiet zone.
  17. You are kindly requested to sort your rubbish. There are special rubbish containers in a designated area.
  18. Osada Załuż has the right to terminate occupancy of renters who do not follow the terms and conditions, or disturb other guests. In such cases no refunds will be given.
  19. Osada Załuż may refuse to rent a cottage to a guest who did not follow the terms and regulations during a previous stay, especially to guests who caused damage to our property or to property of other guests. The above also applies to guests who caused damage to an employee of Osada Załuż or disturbed its functioning in any other way.
  20. Renter is required to leave the cottage in clean and neat condition on check-out.
  21. Items left in a cottage or in any other building of Osada Załuż will be kept for 30 days. After that period they will be officiallydestroyed by our employee.


  1. No smoking is allowed in the cottages.
  2. Since the cottages are built of wood renters are required to follow fire regulations and restrictions.
  3. To ensure the safety of our guests and following fire regulations, renters are not allowed, without the owner's permission, to use any electrical or gas appliances and fixtures that that are not provided in the cottages as they may cause fire.
  4. There are designated areas in Osada Załuż where having barbecues is allowed. No barbecues are permitted on the decks.
  5. Parking your vehicles is allowed only in designated areas.
  6. Dangerous breeds of dogs or other dangerous animals, especially poisonous ones, are not allowed in Osada Załuż.
  7. Keep your pet on a leash while moving around Osada Załuż. Dogs must wear a muzzle.


  1. Renters are fully responsible for any damage caused by them in the cottages.
  2. Renters with pets are fully responsible for any damage caused by their pets. Pets are not allowed to stay or sleep in beds. Pet owners are required to clean after their pets.
  3. Keep doors and windows locked when you leave the cottage. Osada Załuż is not responsible for any material losses which result from not following this rule.
  4. Parents are responsible for the safety and behaviour of their children.
  5. Osada Załuż cannot be held responsible for personal items, valuables or money left in a cottage. Osada is also not responsible for any vehicles parked within Osada, and renters should be aware that parking spaces are unattended.
  6. Renters are financially responsible for losing or damaging keys.


  1. Issues not regulated in the above terms and conditions are regulated by:

- The civil code

- Tourism Services Act of August 29th, 1997 ( consolidated act: Journal of Laws from 2004, no. 2223, item 2268 with later changes)

Enjoy Your Stay!

Osada Załuż

Załuż, 1st of March, 2013